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Humwrap Tips

Humwraps are really easy to use as when you press the edges down the heat of your hands warms the besswax so that the humwraps seals nicely.


So they will seal nicely onto a dish or a bowl just press the edge down and hold to the count of three.


Also if you put them in the fridge the cold helps 'set' the shape so that they really hold their shape around whatever you have moulded them too,.


 And they do of course seal excellently against themselves so are great for keeping sandwiches and school lunches clean and fresh.


There also fun and feel really nice to the touch so much so that our 7 year old now enjoys packing up his lunch for school - it's now his little ritual -  that's one less thing to nag about!


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Humwraps form a breathable moisture resistant layer, like the peel on fruit.


This is how it keeps cheese from sweating and keeps bread crusty on the outside and soft in the middle.


For more tips, ideas and care of humwraps go to About humwraps and also check out the blog.